Club Des Belugas-2010-Live (feat. Anna.Luca & Brenda Boykin)

CD 01


01-Wildcats Gotta Move-09:35-21,97 MB

02-It’s A Beautiful Day-05:19-12,23 MB

03-Too Late-04:14-9,75 MB

04-Be My Lover-08:19-19,08 MB

05-Hard Swing Travellin Man-08:52-20,36 MB

06-My Hunger Hurts-05:09-11,84 MB

07-Passing On The Screen-05:28-12,56 MB

08-Dibidy Dop-08:08-18,65 MB

09-Cats ‘n Boys-04:55-11,30 MB

10-The Road Is Lonesome-04:14-9,73 MB

11-What Is Jazz-06:50-15,67 MB

12-Nuthern Like Thuthern-07:09-16,41 MB


CD 02


01-Peace Will Come With Sleep-07:02-16,14 MB

02-Take Three-05:01-11,55 MB

03-Kissez In Gallop-07:01-16,11 MB

04-Some Like It Hot-05:56-13,63 MB

05-She Said No-06:36-15,14 MB

06-Floating On Air-04:02-9,28 MB

07-Desperately Trying-04:33-10,45 MB

08-Chocolate & Chilli-06:04-13,93 MB

09-Kiss Me-06:21-14,58 MB

10-Love Is In Town-05:42-13,09 MB

11-Glorious Beach Living-04:41-10,78 MB

12-Hip Hip Chin Chin-11:24-26,14 MB



Datos del material

377 Mb
MP3, 320 kbps

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nuevo antiguo más votado

Esto marcha, lento pero constante 😉


Excelente que swing !! grancias.

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