Daria-2016-Strawberry Fields Forever

Jazz singer DARIA has a distinctive three-octave vocal range that can be silky smooth when it suits the song. DARIA was born in San Francisco, California. She was raised in a family filled with artistically gifted members, including a father who was a longtime concert violinist for the San Francisco Symphony, a mother who is a novelist, a sister who is a painter, and a brother who is happily following in their father’s impressive steps as a violinist. It is of little surprise to discover that DARIA began her study of classical piano when she was only six years old. Her father instructed her in reading symphonic scores. While attending regular school, DARIA performed in choirs and enjoyed a normal mixture of music genres. By the time she hit her teens, she had been exposed to her first taste of jazz and instantly fell in love with the sounds and the emotions jazz numbers shared with listeners.


DARIA didn’t let her love for music and performing pull her away from school. She graduated from high school, then went on to college in her home state where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree and a foreign languages degree to go with it. Over the years, DARIA has also studied under many talented teachers like vocalists Mark Murphy and Bobby McFerrin. She has toured often, performing at clubs, colleges, and coffee houses.

Just the Beginning

In 1998, DARIA finished work on her debut album, Just the Beginning, which is an appropriate title. She had the backing of a number of great musicians on the album, including bassist Bill Douglass, drummer Curt Moore, percussionist Ian Dogole, clarinetist Sheldon Brown, and Marci Miget on sax. Some of the jazz tracks fans can sample on this first offering are “You Stepped Out of a Dream,” “Japanese Love Affair,” “Children’s Games,” and “Daydream.” Her follow-ups included 2004’s I Have a Dream, 2007’s Beautiful Rainbow World, and 2008’s Grandchildren’s Delight: Best-Loved Songs from the Good Old Days.

01 – When I’m Sixty-Four 04:04 (Paul McCartney)

02 – Strawberry Fields Forever 04:46 (John Lennon)

03 – Come Together 04:12 (John Lennon)

04 – Fixing a Hole 04:36 (Paul McCartney)

05 – Can’t Buy Me Love 03:51 (Paul McCartney)

06 – Bird Medley (Blackbird  Icarus  Bye Bye Blackbird) 05:59

07 – The Fool on the Hill 04:19 (Paul McCartney)

08 – If I Fell 04:20 (John Lennon)

09 – Julia 05:05 (John Lennon)

10 – Helter Skelter 03:44 (Paul McCartney)

11 – She’s Going Home 03:35 (Daria R. Mautner)


Jonathan Alford/Fender Rhodes, Organ, Piano

Sam Bevan/Arranger, Bass, Guitar, Keyboards

Sheldon Brown/Saxophone

Deszon Claiborne/Drums

Joseph Cohen/Sitar

DARIA/Arranger, Vocal Arrangement, Vocals, Vocals (Background)

Roberta Donnay/Vocals (Background)

Colin Douglas/Percussion

Matt Eakle/Flute

Michaelle Goerlitz/Percussion

Matthew Charles Heulitt/Soloist

Henry Hung/Trumpet

Jean-Michel Hure/Guitar

Alex Kelly/Cello

Melecio Magdaluyo/Soloist

Mike Rinta/Trombone

Annie Stocking/Vocal Producer, Vocals (Background)

Amy Wigton/Overdubs, Vocal Producer

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qLPq1cGFWaw]




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  • 23 julio, 2016

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