Mundell Lowe • Guitar Moods

Review by Scott Yanow
This is very much a chamber jazz set. Mundell Lowe plays “Our Waltz” as an unaccompanied guitar solo and his trio with bassist Trigger Alpert and drummer Ed Shaughnessy is joined by either Al Klink or Phil Bodner on various woodwinds during seven of the 11 other selections. The bass clarinet, flute, oboe, and English horn are quite atmospheric, adding to the beauty of the ballads. The brevity of the individual selections is understandable but it is unfortunate that this CD reissue is only 32 and a half minutes long, for what is here is quite memorable. Guitar Moods, which lives up to its name, is recommended anyway.

1 Speak Low 2:34
2 We’ll Be Together Again 2:04
3 Memories Of You 3:44
4 Ill Wind 3:00
5 You Don’t Know What Love Is 3:04
6 I Dream Too Much 2:14
7 June In January 2:50
8 I’ll Take Romance 1:49
9 It’s So Peaceful In The Country 4:08
10 Our Waltz 1:51
11 I’m Old Fashioned 2:05
12 Goodbye 3:05

Bass – Trigger Alpert (tracks: 1 to 9, 11, 12)
Drums – Ed Shaughnessy (tracks: 1 to 9, 11, 12)
Guitar – Mundell Lowe

Release Date: 1956
Duration: 33:08
Genre: Jazz
Guitar Jazz
Jazz Instrument

Recording Date: February 20, 1956 & March 2, 1956
Recorded At – Van Gelder Studio, Hackensack, New Jersey

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gracias! Great player, Mundell Lowe.


Gracias me faltava ese album maravilla !!!


Muy buueno… gracias por subir!!

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