Zipflo Weinrich in Los Angeles

Zipflo Weinrich

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Zipflo Weinrich Violin Peter Erskine Drums Alex Acuña Percussion on Track 3, 4, 7, 9 Bob Mintzer Saxophone on Track 3, 6 Phillip Ingram Vocals Kuno Schmid Keyboard Kevin Axt Bass
Biography Top Jazzviolinist ZIPFLO WEINRICH, Violin artist and “Querkopf” (maverick), to be precise. Born a Sinti in Vienna, Austria, on June 16, 1964, he is related to the legendary Gypsy guitarist Django Reinhardt. He began playing the violin at age eight. He gave his first concert at age 15 in Vienna’s legendary Jazzland, which started his musical career. Being also an extremely talented soccerplayer, he was selected to play in the Austria National Football Team, and decided to persue a career in football, which was cut short in 1983 due to a serious injury. Soon Zipflo was discovered not only to be an extraordinary musician, but also a talented actor and comedian. He made his movie debut in Peter Ily Huemers’ “Dead Flowers”, appeared as comedian in cabarets, and played upright bass as part of the Austrian musical comedian trio “Die 3 Stehaufmandln” for some years. However, his true love is Jazz, and his violin. With his violin Zipflo can express his emotional depth, creating new and masterful compositions and interpretations that show his unique style which inspires top musicians world wide to play with him. Among these are Barney Kessel, Attila Zoller, Karl Ratzer, Fritz Pauer, Paolo Cardoso,Frank Gambale, Bob Mintzer, Alex Acuna, Peter Erskine, Philip Ingram ,Philip Chaterine , Dominique DI Piazza, to name but a few. Zipflo’ musical starting point is Sinto Swing, which he individually intertwines not only with various elements of Modern Jazz, but also with Soul and Funk. Zipflo lives with his wife and children in Lower Austria. * In 2001 he was awarded the title “Artist of the Year” by the City of Vienna. * In 2008 he began the recording of “Querkopf” (“Pink Violin” ) * In 2009 Zipflo was awarded the title “Best European Jazzviolinist” * 2010 – 2012 saw Zipflo in the USA to compose and record his new CD with Kuno Schmid, Bob Mintzer, Alex Acuna, Peter Erskine, Kevin Axt and Phillip Ingram in Los Angeles.
1 Aldino
2 Maverick
3 Buko’s Song (feat. Philip Ingram & Bob Mintzer)
4 The World Is Yours (feat. Bob Mintzer)
5 Lately
6 My People (feat. Philip Ingram)
7 It’s My Time (feat. Bob Mintzer)
8 Bass Ballad (feat. Kevin Axt)
9 Rocktune (feat. Bob Mintzer)

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